Dybaw to present at Crypto Finance Conference in St Moritz

Geneva, January 16th 2018 – Dybaw Venture Capital will present at the Crypto Finance Conference in St-Moritz from Jan. 17-19 and will act in a capacity of Advisor to 360° Impact Finance at the event.
This three days conference is aiming at providing an overview on how to invest in crypto currencies and to identify today’s top ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) in a self regulatory way. Among all the invited experts, our Managing Director Lionel Artusio will discuss blockchain as emerging technology aiming at bridging the gap between blockchain & Impact Investing.

Dybaw Venture Capital’s vision is that blockchain-enabled convergence will go far beyond just impacting the deployment of specific technologies: it has the potential to reshape the fundamentals of global business. Additionally, Dybaw seeks to leverage this opportunity in the context of impact investing, covering topics like identity management, financial inclusion, Smart Farming, healthcare, supply chain & distribution and many others.