Sourcing and developing innovative businesses for your investment fund

Embracing innovation is about leveraging game-changing technologies, new generation of products or better industrial processes. Most importantly, this means making sure your investment pipeline is poised for high returns.

Dybaw provide an independent view of strategies and business opportunities, as well as technical issues, new business models and industry trends in its core sector areas.

Technologies for agriculture, horticulture, cleantech and aquaculture with the aim of maximizing yields, efficiency and profitability
New technology and innovation to compete in the marketplace of traditional financial institutions and intermediaries in the delivery of financial services
Health Tech
Startups and established firms using technologies such as medical device mesh, digital ecosystems and big data to improve health outcomes, lower costs and increase accessibility and equity of healthcare systems

Leverage network and sector expertise

We are tightly connected to fellow entrepreneurs, top tier universities and incubators/accelerators. We look after game-changing technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital technology platforms, that can innovate business, service models and increase chances of return. Our results are further enhanced through value-adding alliances to connect our clients to the most relevant players.

We build upon a network in Switzerland, rest of Europe and the Middle East.

We team up with clients and partner businesses to develop the value they’re looking for

We have an in-house dedicated and diversified team consisting of successful entrepreneurs and finance experts.

Our team has worked with the leading companies and organizations, and is able to leverage prior experience effectively.

Our active and hands-on involvement further develops value in invested companies.

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