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Today’s convergence of emerging technologies including blockchains, cloud, mobile, machine learning and others provide an unprecedented chance to fundamentally rethink the way the financial systems operate.

We are based in Switzerland, one of the best hubs for fintech in the world. We strive to offer an access to expertise and opportunities to maximize benefits from the rapidly changing Fintech space.

Blockchain Business Strategy
Industry and business models expertise; blockchain-based Business model and strategy; Token Design, Token type and operating model; smart contracts
ICO Services
Regulatory approval with FINMA; Legal structure and tax solution; Token EU distribution platform setup
Crypto investments
Building a dedicate crypto investment strategy; Future (crypto facilities, CME Group, CBOE); Structured products (GSTC, HOLD10, Index Fund); Fund of funds; Crypto Fund; Utility tokens, Security Tokens, ICOs investments opportunities
Technologies & Expertise
Blockchain, Digital Identity, Smart Finance, Insurtech, Robo-advisor, Regtech, and many others.

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